Amazing is the only word I can use to describe this great November weather which has equaled awesome fishing. The fall steelhead and brown fishing has been incredible with fisherman taking fish using every method known. With this weather we have also been trout fishing late into November on streams where the regulations permit it. for trout fishing throwing streamers and nymphing have been the ticket with nymphing being the best bet. As far as the lake run fish go the guys doing best by far are the center pinners and the fly rod guys and gals fishing with egg patterns under an indicator. Dont forget though as these fish are pounded with egg patterns they will get use to that so when the bite slows dont hesitate to throw on a bug of some sort ie blk stone , hex ,caddis or the like.
Great weather in the forecast with some much needed rain on the way so get out there and enjoy it as winter is right around the corner!
​Be safe and may GOD bless you as he has so blessed me!

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