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Water water everywhere

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When I say water everywhere I mean it! I've been floating between the LP and my home the UP the past few weeks and it would seem everywhere i go the rivers are raging.
With that being said when there is a small break in water levels there are a few fish to be had! The fishing right now would be rated as fair to the lower side of good. The guys picking up the most fish are either pinning or nymphing and the swing bite for me personally has been slow. Water temps are still good with temps ranging from about the mid 40s to about 50.
Since the water has been sketchy its given me some great laboratory time as I am going to have a very busy November with trips and clients!
FYI if you follow this web site follow us on FB and instafamous as I do so much more simply because its so easy to access!
God bless and tight line to all!
P.S. if and when you go out be safe as I said my local waters as of today are ripping pretty good!

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