The Fall fishery here in the U.P. has been and is still going strong! As we near the end of fall we are typically looking at freezing temperatures, low water and ice flows but this year we have been blessed with both above average air temperatures along with good/great water levels. As many know I prefer to swing the fly but with the strong salmon run of this year along with a good fall brown run the steelhead have been super keyed in on the egg bite as of late so this along with the falling water temperatures has got me sticking now close to bottom under the indy rig.
Another thing worth note I along with a few of my fishing buds have started using quite small egg and black stonefly nymph patterns as I do believe the fish have become smart if you will to the BIG spawn bags and such that they are being pounded with on very regular basis. When saying small I refer to hook sizes in that of 10-14.
Until next time GOD bless and be safe!!

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