Wow is the only way to describe what its like to be a fisherman in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan right now.
Two weeks or so ago iI was begging for some rain and boy did we get it! Now that the rivers have started to come down to what I call manageable we have had the opportunity to get out for some absolutely fantastic fall fishing!
The local trout streams that are open year round (check your reg book) are doing fantastic with the streamer bite doing well and during those what are now rare 50 dgr and sunny days look for a bwo hatch!
As far as the lake run fishing goes the salmon (king) run is all but over but we have had of late a GREAT push of lake run browns and steelhead into the systems again thanks to the water.
Water temps are ranging from the low 40s to the upper 30s with both the nymphing and swinging of flies bringing good results!
​Until next time GOD bless and be safe!

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