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Fishing Report: Almost time!

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It is truly almost time! Of course any fisherman knows what Im referring to. Springtime baby! With spring comes the annual migration of steelhead, smallmouth and the trout opener!
Temps are finally starting to warm up a bit and with in about 3 weeks or so the rivers should break open. Fair amounts of steelhead are starting to show up with a lingering brown or two. My fav the swing is starting to gain momentum with the guys who are pinning and nymphing doing well. Color combos in orange and olives have been doing well with sculpin patterns in olive with some gold and silver flash also doing well. If your going to bounce the bottom egg patterns and stones will be the order of the day and as Jerry says (the one holding the steelhead) you cant go wrong with chartruese!
Until next time God bless and stay fishy!

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