Fishing Report - April and it's almost time for steelhead, smallmouth and trout fishing

As I sit here writing this we are on the verge of what I hope is our last snow storm. Right now just about all of the rivers in my area (south central Upper Peninsula) have broken loose. with that being said you can see that the water is still quite cold hovering from day to day in the mid to upper 30s! Justin a friend of mine and myself each fished the same river under the same conditions less than 24 hrs apart with very different results which brings up the conversation of technique in cold pre/early spawn water.

I of course stuck to the swing thing which is my passion and Justin who is also fond of the swing game opted to throw down with the indicator rig and as you can see he was rewarded with several fish including this absolute beauty!

You see these fish have been living in extremely cold water for quite some time now and that nymph/egg rig presented drift free ticking right along the bottom is absolutely perfect for those sulking lethargic fish.

After this storm passes I am very excited to see things take off as the temperatures start to climb and we begin to say by by to old man winter!
Until next time God bless and be safe!

P.S. water is rising be very careful use things like your wading belt and a staff
P.S.S. Calendar for booking trips is updated through June and I try not to work on Sundays but under the right circumstances exceptions can be made.

upper peninsula brown trout
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