Fishing Report - Big Bug Bonanza in June/July

Dry fly junkies (and recent converts) are enjoying dramatic U.P. sunsets and stashing away some great memories as they chase big trout during the evening hatch

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One of the greatest things about the south central Upper Peninsula is the fact that we are located very close to the central time zone which allows our sunsets to go on for what can seem like an eternity. With those long days also comes a lot of sunshine which earlier in the month of June had us a bit concerned as the water levels where dropping and the larger water systems were heating up but over the last two weeks we were able to find great relife with some much needed rain and cool temperatures. Currently the hatches for you dry fly fisherman are going strong with plenty of cahills, caddis (of all shapes, color, and sizes), ISOs, and stone flies. The streamer and swing bite has been equally effective and with the water levels jumping back up if you are going to rip streamers or swing flies a sink tip is a very good idea to get the fly down!

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