Fishing Report - Getting Ready For Steelhead Action

Rivers are flowing hard but will setup for great spring steelhead conditions.

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The springtime thaw is finally here! With that being said our rivers here in the south-central region of Michigan's Upper Penisula are raging. In the photo section of this report, you will see trees coming down the river and a midline that is so pronounced that it is unbelievable. Water temperatures are staying in the mid to low  30s but this coming week should improve conditions as there will be some sun and not to much precipitation. Due to conditions we have had to push booked trips back a bit and I would like to say thank you to our clients for there understanding.

As I said things are looking up though and if you are venturing out weather for steelhead or early season trout be very very careful and remember as of the time I am writing this the rivers are absolutely blown out.


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