Fishing Report - It's time!

As the title says it is time! This is a special time of year for many of us! As the trout season has begun to wind down or completely finished up for some the season of the BIG fish has begun.
When I refer to the BIG fish I personally am not referring to salmon but I am talking about the steelhead and lake run browns, the giants, the bullets, the fish of heart breaking caliber!
These fish are on the move for us up here in the U.P> and they are on the hunt.
We have had several very good rain falls with some cold evenings so the rivers are primed.
Fish are responding well to all methods right now from the gal or guy who just wants to flip a spinner or two to the guy like myself who goes by the motto (usually) swing it or go home.
​The hot flies are of course the egg patterns, blk stones , spey bug (yes its a nymph) and hexes and if you want to swing well here are my favs and I have many many different patterns but my worker flies are the hobo spey in blk and purples, the grape fruit leech, spey bugger (not to be confused with the spey bug) and the aquatic nuisance aka casting nuisance.
Bottom line get out there and enjoy it as the weather man is saying its gonna be a long cold winter!
Until next time GOD bless you all and be safe!

upper peninsula steelhead
upper peninsula brown trout

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