Fishing Report - North and south

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Depending where you are located spring may beginning to appear! I in the past weeks have had the opportunity to travel below the bridge to wet a line as well as fishing my own local waters.

Even in our neck of the woods(UP) we are beginning to see the effects of longer days and warmer temps.

With that being said the fishing is definitely picking up! The swing bite for me has been sloooow but that is OK as I also enjoy snatching up the ol nymphing rod and that right now is the ticket!

The egg bite is producing fish right now along with the size 12-16 early black stone fly nymph. When using an egg pattern whether you are tying an egg or using a bead use a pattern with the washed out look as the eggs have been bouncing around the bottom in the cold for some time now and no longer have the (bright) look!

P.S. if you dont already have an alevin pattern you better find one as its almost that time!
​Until next time GOD bless and be safe

upper peninsula brown trout
upper peninsula steelhead