Fishing Report - Spring Steelhead in the Upper Peninsula

Crazy weather but that didn't slow the steelhead fishing.

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Is it Springtime? Today's journey here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan definitely showed us why its so important to dress accordingly! We encountered heavy snow, rain, light sleet, hail, and even some sun! Weather can and does change in a heartbeat. It pays to carry some winter jackets and rain shells. With that being said the fishing was on fire! We encountered drop back steelhead and some fresh in the system fish as well. Jason and his nymphing skills were put to the test right out of the gate and the swing bite was very successful as well! The water conditions for steelhead are about as perfect as they can be with really nice flow, some mild stain and temps in the low yo mid 40s.

Until next time stay safe, and God bless!

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