Fishing Report - The BIG bugs of Michigans Upper Peninsula

The stone flies have arrived

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With summertime in full swing here in Michigan's upper peninsula, it's a good time to talk stoneflies.

This fly is a massive ball of protein that our resident trout absolutely love! We have a substantial and varying population of this fly ranging from the little yellow sallies through to the very large (2&4) blacks and goldens.

This fly does not have a normal time to hatch if you will as I have witnessed over the years this fly coming off at all hrs of the day and night and under bright bluebird skies along with light rain and cloudy skies.

Some of the best imitations for this fly include stimulators, rubber leg stimulators, and Chubby Chernobyls. The added bonus to these fly recommendations is that they carry large attention-getting profiles and float very well in fast choppy water which is where we choose to fish on bright sunny days. For us, the gold, yellow and pink bodied versions seem to work best.




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