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Gear Review - Sage Trout Spey HD 4113-4 Fly Rod

Does it trout? Does it spey? This new rod requires a two-fer review. Chris from Caddis Shack and Will from Sage both share their thoughts on this big little two-hander from Sage.

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Chris' Take:

Hello all Christopher with the Caddis Shack guide service here. As most of you who know me know I am a huge two hander fan! By two handers I mean switch and spey rods, two handers the swing thing.I started this journey about 15 years ago and this style of fishing now lays at my core! Where this used to be just for lake run fish ie salmon,browns and steelheadthis passion for the long rods and the swing has moved into and found a home with in my trout and smallmouth fishing as well!

Sages trout spey HD 4113-4 is yet another tool to feed the addiction. After several phone calls with my product rep with Emergence angling services and Will at sage I came to the conclusion the the HD 4113-4 was the model for me. Being a self proclaimed streamer junkie this was the rod of choice as it has the backbone needed to throw the larger flies such as zoo cougars and DDs the larger deer head flies. I am using the 325 gr trout spey a short head skagit on this rod and this rod turns the line over with ease and is a baby rocket launcher.

Now keep in mind I am brand new to the trout spey game so it took a few casts to get use to the more compact cast as the head on the trout spey is about 15 or so feet. Ive used floating lines to type 8 sinking lines and again this rod rolls the line right over and shoots the line beautifully!

To wrap this up the versatility with this rod is huge as it throws streamers very well and will double up as a magnificent nymphing rod!

Bottom line this is a must have for any fan of the two handers or even someone looking to change up there traditional game for there no thing like the swing thing!

A few side notes/after thoughts:

1.I was a bit concerned with the rod and smaller fish as again this is rhe largest rod in the trout spey line-up. The first fish landed on this rod was a 15-16 inch brown in moderate current and it was still incredible!

2. This rod will make for an absolutely fantastic smallmouth rod!

Will's Take:

Being from Michigan, water is not a novelty its away of life. No matter what Peninsula you live in water surrounds and infiltrates not only the land but the culture. Naturally, as a kid growing up in the western lower peninsula this was no different. I am chasing similar fish including big browns and smallmouth bass that I used to as a kid. The setting and equipment have changed from my days with the trust 9 foot 6 weight. These days I am spending my time focusing on Washington, Idaho and Montana waters. A new wave that has caught me as well as many across the country is “Trout Spey.”

Not that long ago, trout spey was still very much in its infancy. A rise in the popularity of Switch rods brought about the idea of a small weight trout two hand rod and that is what exactly what they were, a small switch rod. A jack of all trade but master of nothing. Some shining starts still came through, but the market was still week. Thats where the Trout Spey HD comes in.

The design, taper and feel of this rod is truly a spey rod in small form. Will these rods single hand cast, are they light enough to use as an ultra-nymph stick, absolutely. However, this rod shines as a true light weight spey rod. The Konnnetic HD graphite provides and ultralight swing with, tons of feel throughout the cast, hidden power and an infectious springiness. I love these rods because I can cast all day long and walk away from a day on the river, feeling fresh. Sports have taken their toll on my shoulder, the spey cast helps to eliminate most of the fatiguing overhead motion. Spey casting lend itself to covering a lot of water and working in spots where you are very limited in back casting room, a common problem in the forest of the Midwest. We are still tapping into the versatility in uses and applications these rods can provide.

For myself, the 4116-4 paired with a Skagit head was a rod that found its way into my arsenal. Streamers, smallmouth bass and big browns have always been passions of mine. That 4116-4 is had home throwing big meat and covering water for these hungry river beasts. For this reason, I think it makes and ideal choice for the varied waters of much of the Midwest including my home state of Michigan.

For those seeking to throw moderate streamers, smaller wets or even dries the 2 and 3 weight offerings make extremely versatile choices across the country. And for the person that is ready to take the full plunge into the lightest spey rod on the market there is even a 1 weight to work brook trout or panfish. There is an option that can appeal to wide variety of the fly community.

We have yet to find out the extent of where “trout spey” will go, however the enjoyment and versatility they provide is here to stay. They are certainly worth a second look.

Sage trout spey rod all loaded up for a big trip
sage trout spey HD
sage trout spey HD gives you the smiles

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