Winter Fly Fishing in the Upper Peninsula

Winter can be the most productive time of year to chase trophy trout and steelhead in the U.P.

From December to March we see frigid temps and snow but with that being said there are still plenty of opportunities to get in some great fly fishing for steelhead and trout. 


Steelhead and Lake Run Browns hold up in the Upper Peninsula rivers that feed into Lake Michigan. In the cold waters we target the slower, deeper pools, swinging baitfish patterns on sinking lines as well as nymphing with egg patterns. With the right winter gear, layers, hot coffee and hand warmers we can fly fish in relative comfort despite the cold. 


However, due to the shorter daylight hours and the colder weather we typically only run half day trips around the warmest part of the day. If you're feeling a bit cabin fever a winter trip is just the cure.