Brookie Fishing Michigan's U.P.

Do you think you are up to it?

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan holds a captivating allure, drawing people in with its air of mystery and the urge to explore its depths. The desire to simply exist within its boundaries often compels individuals to venture into the unknown.

One of the Upper Peninsula's most treasured gems frequently sparks curiosity and inquiries: the Brook Trout. Whether sparked by a television show or fueled by an obsession cultivated through numerous books, many individuals dream of journeying to the U.P. to catch one of these prized fish.

However, it's crucial to understand a few key aspects before embarking on such an adventure:

  1. This type of fishing is not for the faint-hearted or those unaccustomed to the outdoors. There are no designated trails, and the terrain can be challenging, with waist-deep muck and relentless mosquito attacks. Navigating through the unmarked wilderness can prove arduous.
  2. At the Caddis Shack, we prioritize providing high-quality experiences by limiting our guided trips to a maximum of two people. Given the terrain and river sizes, this approach ensures an optimal adventure. The intimate 1-on-1 setting allows for personalized attention and a memorable excursion.
  3. While we happily accommodate beginners and novice fly fishers at the Caddis Shack, it's important to note that this particular fishing experience is not well-suited for those at the introductory level. Advanced to expert anglers will find greater enjoyment as the techniques involve technical casting, including roll casting and slingshot maneuvers.

In essence, contemplating this type of trip requires the ability to traverse dense, trail-less woods, swamps, and mosquito-infested areas. Proficiency with a fly rod is essential, and an unwavering passion for the pursuit is crucial.

For anyone considering such an expedition, I recommend a valuable resource called "Small Stream Fly Fishing Tactics," a book that offers insights and strategies to enhance your trip.

Remember, embracing the challenge and preparation are key to embarking on a successful and fulfilling Brook Trout fishing journey in the captivating Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Until next time stay fishy my friends!

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