To say its cold out is an understatement with temps hover at around zero oe below! Now as we wait for a break in the temps its a good time to sit by the vise. With the water temps at or around 32 dgrs you will want to stick close to the bottom so for the guy/girl fishing under the indicator the egg pattern(washed out colors) or a variety of nymphs such as a black stone, hex, caddis or a white death(minnow) will be in my opinion your best bets so stock up while waiting for a temperature break.
For the person who wants to swing well a heavy head/sink tip such as 10-15 feet of T11 would be the ticket in my opinion and as far as flies well thats up to you.........
On the waters I fish when its super cold I really like to fish a minnow or sculpin style fly and as far as color that is and will always be an experimental thing but Im a fan of whites, silvers, coppers and gold and lets not forget to therow a little black and some olive in the mix as well!
​Until next time God bless and be safe!

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