Fairwell 2023

Looking forward to 2024

Within a few short hours, we will bid a fond farewell to 2023 and start looking forward to 2024.

Before we go too far here I would like to say that the trout fishing has remained good to great with the warmer temperature the streamer bite and nymph fishing have remained strong with the DnDs,zoo cougars, and circus peanuts being the go-to for streamers and nymphs such as black and brown stones along with caddis being the choice nymphs.

Looking back over the past year we started with some record-breaking high water we had in our area of the Upper Peninsula contributed to a slow start to the steelhead season. Still, the giant smallmouth that came into the system saved the day more than once.

We ushered in a good start to the trout season but as most living in Michigan know we experienced drought-like conditions that led to a tough summer. We were able to find fish pretty regularly but it did not come easy most of the time. (not to worry though) As fall approached things started looking up and we had a fantastic fall and winter fishery to wrap things up.

We have some BIG news coming that is going to allow us to grow along with our ever-growing client base and I must say at times we have had to turn people away and we don't like doing that. More to come on this move in January.

If you are considering floating the beautiful rivers in the early season to chase some steel or maybe your contemplating coming after some of our world-class smallmouth get your name on the books today as we are receiving phone calls and emails daily! (6 yesterday)

For those looking to chase some trout our 2024 season should start winding up during the first week of May although all of this is contingent on our weather conditions and river conditions.

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