New Horizons

Lets welcome Matt and Mel

As you have read our posts periodically I have mentioned that we had some BIG things in the works and over a year of planning here its is.

Due to our ever-expanding customer base Jason and I have decided it was time to expand our guide base. As I said, this decision has been in the works for over a year and was not taken lightly. We needed someone who shared our passion and desire to bring the best possible fit to our company. We were blessed as first we landed John S several years ago and now we ended up with two people, we received a package deal. Please allow me to present Matt E and his fiance Mel G.

My relationship with Matt goes back roughly 30 years when we both lived in Kalamazoo, spending our days working and having drinks on the area golf courses. As we grew we went our separate ways and began to build our lives and then by chance,e my brother bumped into Matt at church, and through my brother Matt and I reconnected.

Fast forward to current days Matt and I started chatting and he and his fiance Mel made a few trips to the U.P. and conversations of the future began. Both Mel and Matt grew tired of city living and corporate jobs and they were dreaming of a lifestyle change that was going to be big.

The two of them pulled the trigger and they have the desire and means to live the guides lifestyle in the north in the spring, summer, and fall and the south in the winter.

Matt and Mel bring so much to the table such as a strong passion for fly fishing, a great work ethic, and a desire to teach and show the awesome fishery that we have here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Matt and Mel are well-versed in smallmouth and trout fishing and Matt is also considering a Coast Guard license which will open up another species to target but we will get to that at a later date. Mel belongs to several women's groups and has spent the last several years not only slinging large bugs at trout and smallmouth but she is also great at working the sticks on the drift boat.

So if you see these two on the river do not hesitate to stop them, say hello and welcome them to the Upper Peninsula as these two are on an amazing journey and we are proud to be a part of it.


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