Fishing Report - Early Summer Trout Fishing is on Fire!

June is the time for the big bug bonanza in the Upper Peninsula.

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The past week in Michigans Upper Peninsula has been on fire! For the dry fly enthusiast this is what we wait for! The hatches going on right now as I type are brown drakes, olives, sulphurs, stones and caddis. We are dealing with low water conditions and heat as we have started climbing into the very high 70s-mid 80s. With that being said a great time to fish is late night and the very early morning hours for the larger rivers. We also have a load of great tributaries and smaller streams that will stay cooler longer. A couple of things to keep in mind that I try to watch stream temps and the cut off for trout is in the 68-70 dgr mark and when taking photos keep them wet if possible or take a very quick out of water shot.

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