Fishing Report - Streamers & Hoppers 

Summer ain't over yet. Our rivers are in the best shape they've been in all year with good flows and cool temps.

As I sit here and write this report the nights are already getting cooler, the blue jays are flocking to the bird feeder and our last big mayfly hatch has come and gone its a gentle reminder of the things to come!

Wait! Stop! Summertime is not over yet! In the last week we have had some much needed rainfall raising our river levels up over 200% in less than 48 hours. With the water levels rising and the cool nights our trout streams are in very good shape. For the dry fly fisherman we still have a few stoneflies around with good caddis, trico, and bwos that will continue into september. The terestrials such as hoppers, beetles and ants are also available right now.

Another element of fly fishing that is always worth mention is the fact that as fall approaches these fish will start to turn their eyes towards the baitfish and crayfish that live in our Upper Peninsula waters which means its time to get the strip strip set mentality going or if you are anything like me your thoughts of long swings and hard hits come to mind and this means its a great time to swing a fly or to step into your streamer game!

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