Fishing Report - Fall Fishing is Around the Corner

The wonderful dry fly season we had is now winding down. Time to switch tactics as we approach the change in seasons.

Its never long enough! Trout dry fly season that is. The days are getting shorter, the hatches are becoming rare and the temeratures are dropping as we are approaching fall. 

But wait it isnt over yet! For the dry fly fisherman trying to find one more rise there are still some decent caddis hatches along with some bwos floating around and lets not forget about the rare fall days where the temperatures shoot up and the flying ants come out. There is a bit of rain for the coming week which will increase our water flows in the south central U.P. which will equal the oppurtunity to get into some good streamer fishing/swing the fly time as these trout are starting to pack on their fall/winter weight.

Keep in mind with the fall upon us the lake run fish will also start their fall migration and with some good rain levels we will see the king salmon along with cohos, lake run browns and steelhead.

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