Fishing Report - Winter Steelhead

Fly fishing for winter steelhead in the Upper Peninsula is not for the faint of heart.

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Some say the winter time steelhead fisherman is nuts, craycray, obsessed and many other names come to mind. For some of us though its a time to find peace and serenity on a cold winters day.

If a numbers kind of person the winter game may not be for you, but if you are looking for something to do, a way to just get outdoors for a bit this could be the ideal way to tangle with one of the unicorns of the winter.

The thing with our guide business Jason and I are two differant people when it comes to steelhead fishing. Jason is a dynamic nympher with the ability to swing but he prefers the art of nymphing where I am a two handed guy when fishing for myself and not guiding.

On this day the water temp was 33.9 dgrs which makes it very difficult to move a fish.Three things of importance when swining flies in frigid water that you will want to keep in mind....

1.Speed is not your friend, slow it down and get it low or low and slow as we say.

2.Depth is your friend, find the deepest parts of the run or area.

3.Dont be in a hurry to pick the fly up, let it dangle or hang.

Until next time stay fishy, stay safe and GOD bless!

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