Fishing Report - A Time to Reflect

Looking forward to 2022 and another great season

As I sit here on this cold December evening typing what will probably be the final report of the year I find myself thinking of the last few trips and thinking of the year to come. 

The last few weeks found us fishing our home waters and running around the state chasing unicorns. We had a few obsticles to overcome such as low cold and clear water along with some large snow squalls but persistance along with time gave us pay dirt! The nymph game was the ticket for some great late season trout using large nymphs such as double bead stones in black and brown along with one of my favs the 20 incher. 

As for steelhead the swing bite was tough but persistance paid off. Flies such as my Covid-19, Daves Bad Hair Day and various leech patterns were the ticket fished on T-11 and T-14 tight to the bottom (low and slow).

Keep in mind that winter time fishing can be an awesome time to get out and is often overlooked. If you see a spike in air temps along with some BIG sunlight its most definately a great time to get out and break up those winter duldrums!


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