Gear Review - Simms G-4 PRO Jacket

Superb protection from the upper peninsula winters while fly fishing steelhead and lake run browns

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I've often said that your gear (waders, boots, pack, baselayers and jackets) are key to a GOOD quality outing! If you are not kept comfortable in other words warm, dry and protected from the environment an awesome trip has the potential to be a disaster! Living and guiding in the central part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula keeps me exposed to all kinds of weather. The kind of weather that can swing 30-40 degrees either way in no time flat. With that being said the Simms G-4 pro jacket has been an absolute blessing to me. I am now in my 2nd winter with this jacket and I find it to be invaluable!

Here are a few of the high points of this jacket:
1. Great water resistance
2. Plenty of storage large and small
3. Spacious hood
4. Black in color so it absorbs the sun (heat)
5. Great wrist cuffs
6. Awesome wind blocker

​Now these are just a few of the high points that I personally value as I spend half my year fishing in the extreme cold and wind. The only negative in my opinion is the sticker shock but I look at it this way, If i have it as long as I had my previous jacket (9 yrs) and I divide the cost by that time well then I actually didn't spend that much considering how much it has helped me!

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