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You know one of the most important things a fisherman needs that’s often overlooked as a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. There is an a whole lot to say about sunglasses just a couple of things so this won’t be a long product review. I have used many pairs of sunglasses over the years lost him stepped on them etc. etc. but I’ve been using Smith glasses for about the last 15 years now exclusively and they met a couple of great criteria‘s.

First they fit perfectly they hold on tight to my temples but don’t cause any pinching pain that you can get with some sunglasses they fit snug and I don’t have to wear a sissy strap in fear of them falling off.

The lenses are durable I’ve dropped them many times just being careless and they seem to stand up to mild abuse well.

As you know bug spray can burn away at rubber and plastic will being a trout fisherman out in the bush all the time these glasses have not deteriorated with the use of bug spray and repellent’s etc.

All in all Smith has been a great company they stand behind their product They have a great warranty on their sunglasses and not to mention they’re fashionable! They definitely get three thumbs up from me!

Smith Survey Sunglasses

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