Michigan Steelhead

Feeding the disease

As the trees shed their leaves and the temperatures drop many turn their attention towards the pursuit of the big buck in our great Michigan outdoors. I love to pursue the big buck it is just the pursuit of a different kind of buck. It's the buck with a silver body that dwells in the big wood piles of our rivers. It's a giant Michigan steelhead buck that I crave and desire.

We have had some very large salmon migrations this fall, which have brought in some very healthy steelhead runs. With the salmon run ends, the egg bite will still be the most effective way to target these fish. But if you are searching for that one heater, that one super hot fish that is full of piss and vinegar then the swing will be for you.

When targeting these fish on a swing you will want to target all the hiding spots such as boulders, log jams, and undercut banks and that will be especially true when the sun is high and the sky is clear like the last week.

For those of us in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, our fall season can be short due to our long cold winters so get out there and enjoy!

P.S. I provided a pic with some of my fall flies. I am very fond and have great success with more natural colors in the fall. Flies that tend to favor a baitfish are smart choices for chasing these awesome fish in the fall.


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