Winter in the Upper Peninsula

It has arrived

It's November today, the eve of the opening day of the Michigan rifle season. While many are thinking of the BIG BUCK the deer that is, we are still chasing BIG BUCKS! We are just chasing a buck of a different kind.

We are still chasing BIG BUCK brown trout and with the recent rains we have received the rivers are in great condition. Despite the rapidly dropping temperatures, the streamer game has remained strong, with nymphing pulling its weight as well.

We still have a solid two weeks before things start to get icy, so if you are looking to get out one more time before the year ends, give us a shout!

Flies that have been producing; circus peanuts, and D&Ds have been my top producers for streamers in yellow and olive with copper flash. The nymphs that have been doing the trick are brown and black stones, pats rubber legs, and princes





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